What is Instagram and how can One Use this on Mobile Devices

Instagram is an exclusive mobile video sharing, photo sharing and a social networking service allowing users to take and upload videos and pictures as well as share them on various social networking sites or platforms like Tumblr, Twitter, Flickr and Facebook. Millions of individuals all over the world are now using Instagram and most of them are enjoying the amazing features that one can never find and experience in other social networking service available. One of the best features of Instagram is that it can be used in any compatible device and even your own mobile device.

Using Instagram on iPhone

Instagram is a widely known video and photo sharing app available in iPhone App store for free. Individuals who love taking videos and pictures and share them to the world can now enjoy using Instagram on their iPhones. At Instagram’s primary core, this enables users to facilitate simple edits and add filters to the videos and pictures they create with their iPhone.
Once you have edited the desired video or photo, you can easily share this to your friends who consistently follow you on Instagram. Aside from creating videos and photos, Instagram feeds also enable you to take a glimpse and comment upon videos and photos that are also posted by your family and friends.

How to Use Instagram on iPhone

When you are using Instagram on iPhone, there are certain instructions that you need to follow. These step by step instructions are:

• Download the Instagram from App Store for free and then launch the application after the installation. Click “Register” then enter your exclusive account details. In case you already have an FB account, you can actually speed up the process by clicking “Use Your Facebook Info”.
• Click the “Find Your Facebook’’ friends as soon as the registration is completed to be able to find several Instagram users from your list of friends. Tap the “Follow” link beside the user whose pictures you wanted to see and then tap the “Next” button.
• The next thing to do is to tap the “Find Friends from Contacts” and then choose “Follow” next to any user whose pictures you really want to see. Tap the “Next” link after.
• You will then need to scroll down on photo feeds in order to view videos and photos of your friends. You can click the “Like” button to show your appreciation to the photos or add your comment to the photos or videos.
• Tap the “Camera” icon when taking pictures with Instagram. In case you have already taken photos using the camera app of your iPhone, tap the photo library button to choose it from the camera roll.
• Choose a photo filter that you desire to use for your images. Make sure to fine tune borders and alignment of images and then crop. Then, click “Next” when completely ready to share the photos.
• Enter a catchy caption on your images and then tag persons and name locations where the pictures are taken and then click the “Share” section.
• Tap the “Share” when done with editing photo details and then post the pictures on your profile.

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