How to Upload Images Online through Instagram

Instagram is said to be more than just a simple camera application where users can instantly add filters to images. This has become an enormous social networking community allowing individuals to take and share videos and photos with other active Instagram members and individuals who are registered on other social media sites.

The Instagram application is available for both Android and iOS devices offering convenient options of uploading any video or photo through Instagram’s servers. Since all uploaded Instagram images can be easily and instantly accessed from computers with reliable web browsers, Instagram has become a more reliable app for sharing videos and photos with others even if others do not have a mobile device.

Instagram provides an online gallery and user based covers and includes businesses, nonprofit organizations and individuals. As of September 2013, there are 130 million active Instagram users uploading about 45 million pictures each day. If you also have the desire to upload your images online through Instagram, here’s how:

• Open the Instagram application from your Android or iOS device. Click the sign in button and log in to your account to be able to access the Instagram main home screen.
• Click the blue button on the bottom toolbar with a camera icon to be able to utilize the Instagram exclusive camera. From the camera screen, click the “Gallery” button found on the left portion of the camera button. In case you are utilizing the Android edition or version, click “Gallery” icon if you view the “choose a source” dialog.
• Crop the pictures by pinching your screen in and out on in order to see great results. For Android version users, they are advised to drag and place the holder box to a specific area they want to crop and then drag the dots to any side of the box for box resizing.
• Click on the filter that you want to apply to images from the toolbar. The filtering setting must be on and set on “normal” if you do not want to put in filters. Tap the “Next” green button found on the upper right section of your screen to continue.
• Click “Add Caption” or you can also tap on the “Write Caption” button to put and enter desired captions or labeling on the images. Click any social icons in the “Share Section” if you want to share the images you have uploaded on Instagram to other social sites like Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, Tumblr and more. Click the green “Checkmark” or “Share” button to upload the images.

By just simply following these steps, you can now start enjoying Instagram and sharing what you’ve got with the world. Uploading images has now become a highly apparent online activity. For ultimate experience, you can try uploading your pictures online through Instagram. Create your account now and get started with uploading beautiful images that other individuals will surely get interested in. Instagram is one of the best platforms that do not only allow photo uploads, but also greater online interaction.

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