Kali - My 8 month results using the @banishacnescars starter kit! Left is before, right is after. Im stoked about my results 😊❤️ I've gotten a lot of questions on how I use their products so- Here's how I use everything in the starter kit: Banisher and vitamin c serum once every 2 weeks. Pumpkin enzyme mask once a week, activated charcoal clay mask (mixed with Aztec Indian healing mask and apple cider vinegar) every 2 weeks or so. I use the vitamin c beauty elixir as a setting spray & the pore smasher mostly after I've been working out to calm down face! On another note 💕: I used to let my skin control my life, it would make me so upset if I got even one pimple & my scars were worse. I never ever thought they'd go away (even a little) and I'd feel like people were judging me constantly because of my skin. It was all I could think about day in & day out. In reality does it matter??? Don't let the quality of you skin stop you from doing things in life that are important to you. Don't let other people's opinions of you influence your opinion of yourself. Your skin doesn't define you, it definitely doesn't make you who you are as an individual. What makes you, you is more than appearance- it's your personality, your goals in life, your drive to succeed, your hobbies, skills, etc etc. Also what is skin??? We all have skin (I think mostly) & In reality skin is just this weird stretchy porous junk that covers us up so u can't see our organs and muscle meat. So next time ur feelin down about a bump or a divot - just remember not to get upset over something that's doing its best to protect & help you 💕 - myfacestory (@myfacestory)