-Ji chang wook
-Ji chang wook - ㅡMoonlight🌙]
Get him far away as you can from your sacred space 
Knock him to the ground off his feet 
Tell him to beat it and stay the heck off your street 
Everyone is aware of his devilish ways 
He will stay around, BUT can't touch you as long as you give God all the praise 
So be the person you can be and stay on track 
Associating with Satan, you will end up having a heart attack 
Let the devil do him, you do God, and then do you 
Trust in God because He knows what to do 
Satan represents fire, God represents spiritual love a desire 
Satan will drive you into a deep black hole 
However, God will give you favor, grace, mercy, good guidance, unconditional love and a blessed soul 
If you want to enjoy the positive things in life 
Avoid Satan, he will bring you corruption, sadness, and strife 
My heart is with my almighty God, my protector 
Satan, you can go back to HELL, you're nothing more than a demonic rejector 
God supplies unconditional love, He knows your story so give Him all the glory 
Satan is gloom and doom, bloodcurdling, very gory. -☁ - changwookpabo (@changwookpabo)