Chloé Joannette
Chloé Joannette - [11/365] I am such a cat person and I had a special connection with Wendy. When I was 12 years old, I found her in the street of my neighborhood and her white fur was so dirty that it looked brown. She was also ridiculously small and we assumed that she was a kitten. Little did we know, she was actually malnourished and about three years old. Really fast, she got attached to me only and wouldn't fully trust anybody else. She never went outside in the city afterward, but we had another surprise. She was already pregnant with only one baby. Which means that two months later, we got to see a kitten grew up with us and he was perfect. His name was Toulouse. Sadly, both of them past away about three years ago from different diseases and I still miss them. ❤🐱 - afterthemasquerade (@afterthemasquerade)